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Document Checklist

When you apply for a new mortgage, you need to provide a range of information and documents. Here we list the information your personal mortgage specialist needs in order to negotiate the best mortgage for you.

1) Documents pertaining to the borrower

  • Employees: most recent salary certificate and payslips for the last three months
  • Self-employed: balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the last three years
  • Most recent tax return (self-assessment)
  • List of available funds (bank statements, life insurance policies, pension benefits statement from pension fund etc.)
  • List of debts (loans, lease agreements etc.)
  • Up-to-date debt enforcement information
  • Copy of ID/passport (in colour, both sides); copy of identity card and residence permit

2) Documents pertaining to the property

  • Purchase agreement and sales documentation / current mortgage agreement and product agreement
  • Extract from land register (site map or cadastral map)
  • Plans (construction, floor and façade plans)
  • Photos (outside and inside, a minimum of living room, kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Living space calculations and volume in cubic metres
  • Official building insurance value and market valuation report (if available)
  • In addition, for new buildings and renovations: building description, cost estimate, general contractor agreement (where appropriate)
  • In addition, for condominium units: condominium foundation documentation, use and administration regulations
  • In addition, for properties built under the “right to build”: right-to-build agreement

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